Friday, 18 August 2017

Stay In A Little Luxury With The Aaron Wise Apartments Cardiff

I'm a recent convert to apartment accommodation. You just get so much more space than a standard hotel room, don't you?  So when I was invited to check out the Aaron Wise Apartments in Cardiff recently I was looking forward to seeing what a stay would bring.

The Aaron Wise Apartments are situated in the center of Cardiff, a short 10-minute walk from Cardiff Central train station, 10 minutes from Cardiff Castle and a 15-minute walk from high street shopping at Queen Street. With a view of the Principality Stadium, it really is well positioned for a stay in the Welsh capital.

The two bedroom apartment we stayed in was on the top floor. Entry is via a pin code which they email you before you arrive. Such a simple idea but an efficient idea, no fussing around picking up keys at all.

As we entered the apartment I was really impressed with the fresh modern decor in muted shades of cream, brown, black and grey, and the lovely style of the furnishings. What also struck me was how exceptionally clean it was. Not a speck of dust anywhere, and no musty smell. I think I need their cleaning team in my home that's for sure!

The bedrooms were well appointed. Each had two bedside tables with lamps, a large full-length mirror and a wardrobe with cupboards big enough to store your clothes for a stay. The bed linen looked fresh and inviting but it was the little touches that were particularly great, such as the cosy slippers and a lovely warm dressing gown each, the sort of touches you get in a luxury hotel. The carpet on the floor was soft to the touch, very clean and felt luxurious.
A large flat screen TV added the finishing touch, and perfect if you want to relax in bed before getting up in the morning.

A small hallway led to the open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area. The area was compact but had everything you would need. The floors had wood tiling and were very clean.

The kitchen included a small dishwasher, cooker, microwave and kettle, coffee pod machine and large fridge freezer. Dishes, pots, pans and cooking utensils were all there - everything you would need to cook and serve a simple meal. 

I liked the fact that they included tea bags, coffee pods, sugar and little pots of fresh milk in the fridge. One of the first things we do when you get to a destination is put on the kettle, so well done for including these Aaron Wise apartments. Another little surprise was a bottle of Prosecco, what a fabulous gift!

Washing up liquid, and dishwasher tablets were also included for a couple of days use. If you were staying longer you would need to bring extra.
The dining area was big enough for four, and the room looked out onto the River Taff. 

The Prosecco was a nice touch!

In between the lounge and dining area was another flat screen TV and a very useful guide was supplied covering what to do in the city and how to operate the appliances and heating.  
Upstairs was a double bedroom and a shower room. Just a little note if you have little ones, the stairs were a little steep so be careful.

The double bedroom had a large flat screen TV and integrally fitted wardrobes which were super sleek. Again towels, luxury bathrobes and fluffy slippers were available. I loved the fact that the bath towels were large and soft, not teeny tiny and scratchy. 
The shower room was designed in black, grey and beige and was very smart. Elemis toiletries were left including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. I don't think I've ever stayed in an apartment with Elemis toiletries so that was fabulous.

Outside is a garden area, that would be perfect to sit in and socialise on a warm Summer's day.

That evening we went out to explore Cardiff, and that night we had a comfortable stay in the apartment, the beds were super comfy and we all slept well. The large fan in the lounge/diner was perfect for a warm summer's evening and kept us cool. 

If you haven't been to Cardiff before, it's a great city and compact too. There is amazing shopping with independent shops in the Victorian arcades, and high street shops at St Davids 2 and Queen Street. There is also fantastic history to explore in Cardiff Castle. If you want to read more about Cardiff check out my post on What To See And Do In Cardiff Bay.

One point of note is that the apartment it is perfectly situated for the Principality Stadium, however, if you are not a football fan then you may want to check when matches are on as you would have a level of noise from the stadium.

There is no special parking for the apartment, instead, there is on street parking at a pay and display machine. When we tried to pay it with a credit card it wasn't working so be sure to have change. Many thanks to a kindly traffic warden who gave us 10 pence. 

We really enjoyed our stay at the Aaron Wise Apartments. The apartment was in excellent condition and was the perfect size for a small family or close group of friends.  Everything was super clean and very fresh smelling. The added luxuries of Elemis products, Prosecco, bathrobes, and slippers, as well as complimentary tea and coffee, added some special touches.  Being only a short walk from the center of Cardiff the apartments are well positioned too. They market the apartments as 'Luxurious, Modern and Convenient' and they certainly are. We would definitely stay again. 

If you want to book, add the code MELLOVES10 at checkout for 10% off online or give them a ring and quote that code for your discount.

Aaron Wise Serviced Apartments
57 Fitzhamon Embankment
CF11 6AN


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

7 Summer Driving Hazards And How To AvoId Them

This Summer many of us will be travelling on the roads on our way to a fabulous holiday destination but there are many Summer hazards that we need to account for, to ensure we get there safely and on time.


Your car is at risk of overheating during the summer, most likely due to low coolant or water in the radiator. On the first sign of overheating, be sure to turn off your air conditioning and wind down your windows. If you think your vehicle is going to overheat, pull safely over, turn off the engine and call a breakdown service. They may be able to temporary fix it but always take the car to your local garage as soon as possible to sort out the problem. It's likely you have a radiator leak.


You should always check your tyre pressure regularly and especially in the Summer.  If you have an increased load, for example, if your car is full of passengers and luggage, then you will need to increase your tyre pressure. Refer to your car handbook for advice. Be sure to also check tyre pressures on trailers and caravans too. 

If your tyres are at the wrong pressure or they are damaged then you have an increased risk of tyre blow outs.  Make sure to replace worn or damaged tyres to be safe. You can find cheap tyres at companies like Point S.


If you see a horse on the road, do not sound your horn as that may scare them, instead, slow right down and be ready to stop if need be. Give them plenty of space if overtaking and do it slowly. For more advice read this article by the British horse society


Spring, Summer and Autumn are busy times for tractors on the roads.  Tractor drivers may have a sound proof cabin so may not be able to hear oncoming cars.  Always keep your distance from a tractor, and give them plenty of space on the roads. If they pull in to let you overtake be aware of oncoming traffic and make sure you have plenty of space to overtake.

Cyclists and motorcycles

With better weather, you will see an increase in cyclists and motorcyclists on the road. Look carefully for cyclists or motorbikes when pulling out of a junction and be aware of your car's blind spots, and leave plenty of space when overtaking.


There always seems an increase in construction during the Summer holidays. Before you go on a journey somewhere you haven't been before get up to date traffic information to plan your journey. You may be able to avoid road works altogether if you plan a different route.

Take notice of temporary road signs and be aware of extra debris around construction zones and reduce your speed accordingly.

Changes in weather conditions

With our British weather, we get a range of different weather conditions in the Summer. Sun glare can be hazardous so always be sure to have good quality sunglasses in the car at any time. 

Also be aware of flash flooding which can happen quickly and the possibility of hydroplaning.This occurs when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction.  For how to stop hydroplaning check out this link here.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Mobile Bill

We all love our mobile phones don't we and sometimes our phone bills reflect that. If you are looking to save money on your mobile phone bill here are some tips for you.

Check your current usage

If you are paying more for your bill than you expect to, check your usage. You can do this by ringing your mobile provider or checking old phone bills. If you are on a contract you may be paying for data, calls and texts you don't use, if so ask to swap to a different contract or consider pay as you go.

If you travel a lot you may want to consider a mobile provider like Three. Their Feel At Home scheme allows you to use your data, text and calls as you would in the UK and it covers over 60 countries including the USA, Australia and Singapore. 

Pay as you go 

A pay as you go option maybe better if you use your phone infrequently, however if you use your phone all the time a contract will most likely be the best option. 

Change your contract

If your contract has come to an end and you are looking to change, a comparison site such as mobilephonechecker will help you compare some of the best deals. You can also search for contracts, pay as you go sims, pay as you go phones, sim only and sim free so it's worth checking out.

Use a free messaging service

Sites such as Whatsapp allow you to send messages including audio and video via your mobile phone. This is especially good if you have unlimited data use with your contract or are using free Wi-Fi. It, therefore, saves you money by reducing normal text and multimedia messages sent on your mobile.

Stop Wi-Fi apps using data 

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > Mobile Data and then scroll down to see which apps are using mobile data. If you turn off the apps you don't need on the go then this stops these apps updating in the background, saving your data and helping preserve battery life.

Wi-Fi assist is another setting that can eat your mobile data if you have IOS9 or above. It is on by default and lets the mobile data kick in if the Wi-Fi isn't very good. To turn it off go to Settings >Mobile Data then scroll down to Wi-Fi Assist and turn it off.

Decline or cancel insurance

If you are careful person do you really need insurance for your mobile phone? Obviously, some people may need it but you need to weigh up the cost of the insurance versus how much a new phone would cost you anyway. Also, read the terms and conditions of the policy before signing up - there maybe an excess or very specific circumstances in which the company will pay up.

Use Skype or Facetime

Skype allows you to talk for free on mobile or desktop with video or voice calls anywhere in the world, whilst Apples Facetime allows you to do the same on your all your Apple devices.

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So here are some easy ways to save money on your mobile phone bill. Do you have any tips?

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Win A £60 Voucher To Spend On Melody Maison Home Furnishings E: 08/09

Melody Maison is a family run homeware company that started in a spare room in South Yorkshire. Since 2004 the company has grown and built up a niche for themselves, selling French vintage style and shabby chic furnishings in the UK and world wide. 

The customer is at the heart of everything Melody Maison does, and when you ring up, it's not a call centre, but a member of the well-trained personable team that will give you that individual service. The director of the company, Anna Elkington keeps in touch with the everything on the shop floor by answering the phone lines and replying to emails. 

French style furnishing is what the company excels in, from the French country chateau look which is rustic and gentile in style to the Rococo rich and vibrant ornate look. 

The website has a range of prices from  £2 to £2000 and you can pick up a bargain if you look carefully. Here are some of my favourite items from the Melody Maison website below. 

Cream Metal Vintage Cake Display Stand £17.95

This round metal cake stand has a pretty vintage look with the filigree detailing. Perfect for displaying your bakes in your home, or for a wedding or event. It would be a great gift for 'Bake Off' lovers everywhere.

Monique Range - Silver Mirrored Dressing Table and Triple Mirror £258.95

This beautiful silver embossed dressing table and mirror has a unique look with gorgeous detailing. I love the large triple mirror and the crystal effect drawer knobs to add that extra touch. A statement piece to add some glamour to your bedroom.

Gold Framed Vintage Wall Mounted Mirror 41cm x 50.5cm £63.95

This gilt framed vintage style wall mirror has a simple style but is a classic for any home. Perfect for hanging in any living room, bedroom or hallway it has two hooks so you can mount it on the wall easily.

'Find you Sooner, Love You Longer' Wall Plaque £10.95

This romantic wall plaque contains the words, "I wish I could turn back the clock I'd find your sooner and love you longer". A thoughtful gift for a loved one, I immediately thought that this was very sweet.

Today on my blog I am giving my readers a chance to win a £60 voucher for the Melody Maison website. So pop over to the Melody Maison website and answer the question on the app below. Good Luck!

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Beauty Inspiration For 2017

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with your makeup, I know I stick to the same tried and tested brands and looks all the time. Well, Ellisons, a beauty company that supply colleges and hair and beauty salons, have inspired me with their latest Ebook entitled 'Experts In Beauty', to get out of a rut and try something new.

Beauty Looks For 2017

Glossy lips

Last year was all about the matte lip look, well this year Ellison's say glossy lips are back. I have to admit I haven't really experimented with the matte look much as I think it can be unflattering, so I am glad that glossy lips are all in vogue. I would use a nude lip liner underneath the gloss to provide a key to the gloss and prevent it from bleeding over the lip line.

Smudged eyeliner 

If you have ever wondered how you were going to get a precision eye look first thing in the morning after a lack of sleep or night partying then good news - smudged eyeliner is back! My tip would be to apply liner then gently smudge it with a fine eyeshadow brush or applicator without dragging the delicate skin around the eyes. 

Dewy Skin

Matte skin was all the rage last year, but now the dewy look is back in fashion. Personally, I prefer this dewy look over a matte look as it is much more flattering as you get older. A matte look which can be rather flat. To get the look, a satin finish foundation will give you an effortless sheen, try Clinique Superbalanaced Satin Finish Foundation.

Beauty Trends For 2017

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the new beauty mask trend for 2017. These masks provide a host of benefits to skin, often being full of nutrients to nourish and calm the skin. They are easy to use and provide a quick skin pick me up when you need it.


Microblading is perfect for those that have fine, fair or over-plucked eyebrows. The pigment is drawn onto the eyebrow in fine strokes, so it looks natural, darker and fuller. Only needing to be topped up annually this semi-permanent treatment needs to be undertaken in a salon by an experienced technician. The look is natural, beautiful and symmetrical.


You've probably tried removing hair with shaving, waxing or threading but electrolysis is becoming more and more popular. Electrolysis works by removing individual hairs using a heat or chemical energy, destroying the growth centre. Although you may need more than one treatment, for permanent hair removal electrolysis is a very effective technique offered at many beauty salons.

If you want more beauty inspiration check out the Ebook, Experts In Beauty by Ellisons for beauty tips, tricks and trends. 

What do you think of these beauty looks and trends for 2017?

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Different Shirts That Make Great Presents For Men

It is always nice to be able to buy the special men in your life the occasional present. A thoughtful gift is always a great way to show your husband, boyfriend, son or father how much you appreciate them.

The problem is that men are not always easy to buy for. Thankfully, virtually every man needs shirts, so, usually, they make fantastic presents. Right now, there are some really nice ones available.

Denim shirts

Currently, denim is big. It suits most age groups, is hard-wearing, looks great and as you can see here there are plenty of different cuts available. This makes it really easy to find one that the man you are buying for will want to wear. Some of the nicest ones have patterns and other designs printed on them. These do not look as casual as a traditional denim shirt does, which makes them a particularly flexible option.

Smart shirts

If the men you are buying for works in an office, the chances are there is some sort of dress code. For them, shirts are essential items of clothing.

However, they need to be the right type. For example, in some workplaces, the shirt has to be white or blue and needs to have the type of collar that allows them to be worn with a tie.

If you are not 100% sure what the dress code is where they work, you could ask. However, it is usually best to make sure that you get a gift receipt with your purchase. That way, they can just exchange it for something that is more suitable.

Print shirts

Right now there are some really nice print shirts around. A couple of short-sleeved versions would be perfect for someone who is planning a holiday in the sun.

It is worth taking the time to note what colours and patterns they already like to wear. This gives you a good starting point and will help you to choose a shirt that is most likely to suit them. It also makes it more likely that what you choose will fit in with the rest of their wardrobe, so they are more likely to actually be able to wear it.

Getting the fit right

If you are buying for your boyfriend, husband or son getting the size right is not too difficult. All you need to make a note of their collar size. It is a bit trickier to buy for a friend or other family member. In this situation, the best approach is to ask their nearest and dearest for their size.

Buy from the right place

When you buy clothing as presents, you need to be realistic about the fact that the person you are buying for may want to exchange it. Therefore, it makes sense to buy from a large retailer. That way if they do want to change it they will have plenty of options.

It is also wise to check out their returns policy, especially when you buy online. You can find out more about consumer rights and how they relate to items that are given as gifts by reading this page.

What type of styles do you like?

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Preparing You And Your Car For A Summer Road Trip

Many of you will be off on a Summer road trip soon and will be looking forward to some time away. If you haven't been on a road trip before or for a long while you may be wondering the best way to get you and your car ready. Here are some tips which I hope are helpful.


Safety is your number one priority so get your car serviced before a road trip. Often servicing is classed as interim, full or major and depends on the mileage done since your last service, so ask in the garage. 

Local garages and car centres can be surprisingly affordable for servicing. 
We use a local garage in Porthcawl that is much cheaper than a franchised garage and companies such as Ossett Tyre House in Yorkshire do free exhaust inspections too.  

If you are servicing the car yourself you need to check some simple things. Your car handbook will help and advise you with simple checks but here are some things to consider. 

Tyres - check that the tyres are legal, that they have enough tread and pressure, and that are they in good condition.
Battery - check that it has enough charge and that the terminals are clean. 
Lights and indicators - make sure they all working and check if you need to replace any.
Oil - think about when it was changed last, and if you need to top it up or replace it.
Wipers - check they are working properly and that the rubber isn't damaged.
Exhaust - check that it isn't omitting smoke and not rattling.

Get these item replaced if necessary.

Emergency Kit

It makes sense to always carry an emergency kit in your car. This should include the following items:-

Warning Triangle
Emergency Bulb Kit
High Visibility Vest
Extendable Wheel Wrench
First Aid Kit
Jump leads
Spare Tyre and Jack

Planning Your Route

Whether you use a good old fashion map, a Sat Nav or Google maps, it's obviously important to plan your route. 

Take into consideration the age of the passengers in the car and if you want to get to your end point as soon as possible or if you are planning a proper road trip with numerous stops along the way. Plan in toilet and exercise breaks as well as food and petrol stops. 

If you are stopping at certain points of interest it may be worth booking a hotel there. Use TripAdvisor to research hotels, and check out the nearest restaurants too. 

Food and drink

If you are not stopping along the route, food and drink should be as easy to eat as possible and preferably mess free. 

Instead of sticky doughnuts and bottles of coke, prepare some easy to eat sandwiches and fruit and veg sticks, and bottled water before you leave. As well as being much healthier for you won't have sticky fingers to wipe off everything and crumbs to hoover up.

Breakdown cover

Get breakdown cover before you go. This will give you peace of mind and you can often spread the payments into monthly instalments. There is nothing worse than being stuck by the side of a busy road when your car isn't going anywhere. If the worst happens, check out what to do if you break down

Some companies such as the AA will give you added benefits too. Their Arc Europe, show your card scheme gives you discounts in Europe and the US in a wide range of hotels and restaurants.

Keep everyone entertained

Create a music playlist with a summer theme, or if you have young kids consider a sing-a-long playlist that everyone can join in.

Ipads or Ipods are useful to keep everyone entertained. Make sure everything is downloaded before you leave the house so you are able to play games or watch movies without the internet. 

If you have passengers that get car sick ensure you have travel tablets available for the journey. There is nothing worse than feeling sick or having the car smell of sick on your journey!

Clean the car

When your car is clean inside and out, you finally know you are ready for that awesome road trip. So pack the car, load the kids and have fun!

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I hope this simple guide has helped you prepare for a road trip, enjoy!

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Child-Friendly Holiday Parks

Looking for a holiday destination to please the whole family can sometimes be difficult, especially when you have children of varying ages. Holiday parks are often an ideal option since they offer a range of facilities and activities for all ages in a number of destinations.

Many of these child-friendly holiday parks often have a wide range of facilities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, entertainment programmes and spa centres. You and your partner can relax in the sauna while the kids participate in the wide and varied activities organised by the entertainment team. Read on to find out more about the best child-friendly holiday parks in Europe.

Holiday parks in Holland

In Holland, holiday parks are one of the most popular holidays for families. There are multiple resorts and holiday villages in every region, from the South of Holland up to the breathtaking Wadden Islands. 

One of these popular holiday parks in Holland is Duinrell holiday and amusement park, a theme park, holiday park and water park all combined into one. At Duinrell holiday park, you can stay in a fully-equipped and comfortable mobile home and enjoy your days at the numerous rides, attractions and shows. What’s more, Duinrell is located in the beautiful coastal town of Wassenaar in South Holland. Spend days at the beach or strolling through the historic streets of this affluent Dutch town. If the family are real adrenaline junkies, be sure to check out the other theme parks in Holland. 

You can also enjoy a stay in a holiday park near Amsterdam so that you can experience the countryside and the city during your trip. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet in the middle of the countryside or some high energy activities for kids, Holland has plenty of offer.

RCN holiday parks

RCN is a park group with holiday parks in France and Holland and are often a budget-friendly option RCN Camping La Ferme du Latois is located on the French coast in between Brittany and Bordeaux. This park is ideal for water sports enthusiasts. With two recreational lakes, a fantastic swimming pool with two waterslides, and the beaches of the French Atlantic nearby, what more could you ask for?

RCN Vakantiepark De Roggeberg is located in the Drents-Friese Wold National Park in Holland and offers a wide range of facilities for children. The best way to explore the surroundings is by bike. Rent a bicycle from this holiday park and discover everything the region has to offer.

Farm Camps

Farm Camps are a unique way of enjoying a holiday with your family. You’ll sleep under the stars in your luxury tent, enjoy home cooked food with the farmers, and learn how to do everything from milking the cows to turning in the horses. There are 15 Farm Camps locations in the Netherlands, and each one is at an authentic working Dutch farm. You can experience the traditional Dutch rural lifestyle while enjoying a luxury glamping getaway. At the end of it all, the kids have the opportunity to leave with their very own certificate. That’s if they complete all the tasks and missions set by the farmers!

There are plenty of options for child-friendly holiday parks across Europe. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience like FarmCamps, an adrenaline packed adventure at a holiday park with a theme park or a totally relaxing escape surrounding by nature, you can find it at 

Have you tried a holiday park? What do you think of the facilities?

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Monday, 7 August 2017

Le Bistrot Pierre Restaurant Review Mumbles Swansea

Le Bistrot Pierre is a French restaurant chain, with 23 branches across the UK, cooking classic French food in a bistro style. I've been to their branch in Cardiff, located on Caroline Street, and must admit I've become a big fan of the seamless French cuisine and the super lunch prices. They have recently opened a branch in Mumbles Swansea, so I was delighted to be offered the chance to review a meal there. 

Mumbles is a lovely area on the Welsh coast which has something for all the family. Kids can enjoy the amusements and the Lifeboat station on Mumbles pier, as well as the lovely beaches, whilst the grown ups can browse the many clothes and craft shops. Oystermouth castle is also worth a visit if you are into history and stands proudly on top of Castle Avenue in the centre of the town.

Le Bistrot Pierre is positioned in an ideal location, right on the seafront, a short walk from the main shopping street.

Although we were early, we were warmly welcomed and taken to our table. There was a small area outside and the view was amazing. What a lovely spot to have a glass of wine and eat good food!

Our waitress Liv came over and gave us a menu. The lunch menu has main courses for £9.95, two courses for £11.95 and three courses for £13.95. 

There was a reasonable selection of wine, many by the glass, but as Mr W was driving and I don't drink at lunchtime we ordered an elderflower presse for me and a coke for Mr W.  Then we browsed the menu. 

Appetisers ranged from olives marinées - mixed marinated Provençal olives to saucisson - thin slices of French ‘Label Rouge’ saucisson from the Beaujolais region, with cornichons and French bread.  

I've noticed from my previous visits that fresh French bread is brought with every main course so we skipped the appetisers. What I love about this bread is the fact it is super soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, unlike the bread I've had in France which is often stale!

Mr W likes a good starter so he plumped for the salad of Roquefort, whilst I decided to skip a starter, to keep room for dessert. 

We then had to decide on the main course. Would it be the Boeuf Braise, a slow braised beef dish with green peppercorn and brandy sauce, or Poulet Printanier, chicken breast cooked with asparagus, wild mushrooms, peas and truffle oil? It was so hard to choose. 

In the end, I went for one of the daily specials, pork medallions in a mustard and apple sauce whilst Mr W went for the slow cooked pork in a Bearnaise sauce. To accompany the dish we had a choice of fries, roast potatoes and vegetables or salad. Mr W had the fries whilst I had the roast potatoes and veg.

Endive and watercress Roquefort salad

It wasn't long before Mr W's starter arrived. A Roquefort salad with endive and watercress in a light dressing. Now Roquefort is not to everyone's taste, as it is strongly flavoured, and after all it is a blue cheese but the combination of salad leaves with the light slightly sweet dressing was just right.  If you are not a fan of blue cheese I would, however, pick something more to your taste as the cheese does come through strongly.

Pork medallions in a mustard and apple sauce

Then onto the main courses. The pork medallions were served in a creamy mustard sauce with apple slices and topped with little pieces of crackling. The sauce was rich and tasty, the mustard wasn't overpowering and the apples added sweetness to the dish. I liked the added crunch of the crackling too. A very well cooked and delicious dish. 

Slow cooked pork in a Bearnaise sauce 

Mr W's pork was slow cooked and presented in a Bearnaise sauce. A Bearnaise sauce is a French classic, made with butter, eggs yolks, white wine vinegar, shallots, peppercorns and reduced down so it's coats the meat or fish it is served with. The combination of pork, so tender and falling apart and the creamy sauce was utterly delicious.  

Accompanying the mains we had fries (or pomme frites as they say in France) and potatoes and vegetables. The potatoes were roasted with herbs and the vegetables were coated in butter. Fries were thin, crispy, and just about perfect.

At this point, I was almost too full for dessert, but when I saw the dessert menu I just had to change my mind. An expertly selected choice of desserts included creme brulee, chocolate mousse, and pear frangipane really tempted me. The latter was described as a warm baked pear and almond frangipane with vanilla creme fraiche and toasted almonds. I just had to have it!

The description, however, doesn't relay what a fabulous dessert it really was. Warm and soft, the sponge light as a feather, with berries nestling inside and the creme fraiche that was poured over creamy yet not overly sweet. The toasted almonds and pistachios added another texture that contrasted with the soft and yielding inner.  Perfection!

We really enjoyed our meal at Le Bistrot Pierre in Swansea. Liv our waitress was very personable and attentive and the food was excellent, especially considering the price. The two-course lunch with drinks would have been under £30 if we paid. A La Carte dishes are well priced but there are some bargains to be had with the set lunch, pre theatre menu and children's set menus priced at £6.50 which included a main and dessert as well as an activity pack. With the kid's menu including a mini burger, macaroni cheese and roast chicken amongst other choices there is something for every fussy little darling!

The setting is also excellent being right on the seafront with a great view of Swansea Bay.

If you do find you like this restaurant chain, I highly recommend you download their app. Every time you have a meal they swipe your QR code on the app and this means you get points towards a free appetiser, main course or dessert. Recently I have been offered a carafe of wine for free as a special reward with the app too. Who can complain about free food and wine?

If you are ever in Mumbles or if you ever see the branch on your high street, Le Bistrot Pierre is certainly worth checking out. A chain restaurant with food the quality of a small independent and with reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

Le Bistrot Pierre
Oyster Wharf,
3 Mumbles Rd,
The Mumbles,
01792 365040
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