Friday, 4 October 2013

Put Some Love Back Into Your Home

It’s easy to let your home take second priority when you have other things to worry about – like kids, career, friends, and family – but there’s much to be said for turning your home back into your haven by giving it some much-needed love and attention.

Take a look at these simple steps that could make a big difference to your home, whether you’re thinking about selling or just tired of looking at the clutter overtaking your living room. These are sure-fire ways to bring some new life into your home:

Add value by adding new space

A dilemma faced by many homeowners is being comfortable and in love with the place they live in but finding that they lack for space. Instead of moving out of your home, however, why not think about adding more space?

There are many ways that you can add new space to your home including loft and basement conversions, adding a conservatory onto the building or even building an extension onto your home, but one thing that rings true in them all – you will gain that much needed extra space and potentially increase the overall value of your home too.

Many people don’t have the luxury to be able to afford renovations and additions to their homes at the drop of a hat and the thought of years of saving could be an added stress to the family. Something you might consider looking at is remortgage deals that enable you to release those much-needed funds to improve your living situation and will avoid the need to borrow money from other lenders. This offers a cheaper and more convenient way for many home owners to improve their living space.


Making small changes such as rearranging the furniture layout of your room can make all the difference – open up a badly used space and create a better flow throughout to make the most of the room.

Take a step back and consider the layout of your room and highlight what space you can make the most of.  Start by placing the largest pieces of furniture first as this will help you make best use of the space you have and aim to fit smaller pieces and accessories around it.

Take this opportunity to get rid of any items you don’t need and that aren’t adding to the room visually. Give away old furniture to charity shops or sell it at a car boot sale and use the money to buy something more fitting for the room. You might even find that a particular item would be better suited for another room in your home.

Enhance its features

If there’s something in your home that you’ve always loved but is surrounded by clutter or hidden behind furniture, consider making changes and turning it into a main focal point in your room and let everything else revolve around it.

Your focal piece could be anything from your favourite piece of artwork, to statement lighting to a vintage fireplace; the key is to find something that stands out. Use your focal point to start creating the story for the rest of the room and choose furniture, colours, and accessories that will complement it to create a coherent theme throughout.

Image credits: kitchen by yvestown, rearrange by nkeppol, features by jinkazamah (all CC Flickr)



  1. Fab article. The weekend gone I rearranged my bedroom. Its a joy to relax in now. I live in rented accommodation, I dont have the option is make huge changes. Change is good every now and then.

    1. I think sometimes we get bogged down with clutter too, making the use of the space by rearranging does help me feel calmer.


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