Friday, 28 December 2012

Daxon - Calling All Fellow Lovers of Fashion

Daxon is a company you may not have heard of but they are part of the third largest home shopping organisation in the world, and they are looking for bloggers that love fashion!

They specialise in top quality clothing for all occasions and aim to find the perfect fit for you, the customer. As well as covering ladies and menswear they cover homeware too.

I love this stylish sheepskin coat now only £53

If you would like the chance to become a blogger for them and in the process get a £50 voucher for your trouble why don't you check out their website.

Stunning Red Shopper

And while you are browsing their website check out their sale with up to 70% off! 

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Competition and Review Delicious Food with Gousto cd 07/01/13

Recently I stumbled across a company called Gousto and was excited by what I saw. Gousto's tag line is "Save Time, Eat Well" and it does exactly what it says on the tin! Basically Gousto is a food delivery company where you choose the recipes you want to eat and they deliver all the ingredients to your door on a weekly basis, all in the right proportions and with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

I was delighted when I was offered to try the service for free and chose two recipes from their service. 

Firstly you chose a bag - either for a couple or a family, then you chose the recipes on line you would like to cook from a range of meat, vegetarian and fish dishes and graded via difficulty, calories, time and origin. Then the bag is delivered to your door in an insulated cool bag ready for you to cook.

All the ingredients in the correct proportions

What I liked about this service is that the proportions are perfect, for example, the correct amount of ginger, soy sauce ,and five-spice powder was packed perfectly. How often have you thrown away ingredients that have gone off, well no worries with this?!

5 spice Chinese Chicken and vegetable Stir fry - yum!

The dishes we cooked we found very tasty. I cooked a chicken stir fry and my husband a pork dish. They were simple to cook and the recipe cards were laid out perfectly. 

Easy to Understand Recipe card

If you need more information on Gousto ,why don't you check out their website now? They deliver nationwide too. 

Pork Loin steaks with roasted peppers and Salsa Verde - very tasty!

The people at this fab company have given me a two meal two person pack to giveaway on my blog, so if you want to try this out for free be sure to enter now.

Check out my other competitions here.

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Elf Competition - SSE


SSE - the energy company, is offering everyone the chance to win a brand new Kindle Fire HD tablet as a thank you to their customers and their social media followers! All you need to do to enter is like the SSE Facebook page and help the Christmas Elves charge their Kindle in the Competition App. SSE are a company that has at their core purpose to provide energy in a reliable and sustainable way and provide the best customer service and value for money.

The competition will end Tuesday 18 December at 4PM with the winner being informed the next day. WOW wouldn't that be fab - to win a Kindle Fire just before Christmas, the only question is, would you keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one? I know what I would do of course....

The game is a fun, festive and simple way to help SSE’s elves to charge their Kindle Fire HD using different forms of energy.

In the course of research (lol and to have a go winning) I have played the game. It is a simple easy to understand game you use the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard to create a momentum and make the elf run faster. 

The more the elf runs the higher the bar goes up to reach the target. So I had a go, the elf is on a running machine and I used the arrow keys to create momentum, then I had to use the up and down arrow keys to focus the light on the solar panel. After that you click the red lever to operate the winch. When the animated arrow moves you have to click on it when its in the green zone to make the elf jump and land on the other elf's stomach. Once you have completed that you enter your details for the draw and that is it. It is quick and fun and easy to enter so why don't you have a go now!

 SSE’s website: 

This is a sponsored post but the opinions are entirely my own

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What My Son Is Saving For

My son is a great teenager. He loves his gadgets and technology although he is not into phones. What he really loves more than anything else in the world (Oh and his mum!) is his IPOD. He is always plugged into it. I shout at him on a regular basis "J! put your ipod on speakers! It will ruin your hearing" He never does it, probably because he is deaf already due to using his Ipod lol.

He loves using animation packages on his ipod, loves listening to music, playing with apps and watching films.

He has been saving money for his holidays next year with PKTMNY, this is a new site for children and teenagers that encourages and educates children about money and how to save.  I know what he would dearly love to spend the money he has saved on a new ipod, though.

This post is my entry the #pktmnyparents Linky on BritMums.

If you want to know more about PKTMNY check out my blog posts here and here

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Win A Hot Diamonds Necklace - CD 31/12/12

Hot Diamonds is a brand we love in our shop. It is beautiful jewellery that is renowned for quality and style. What is special about Hot Diamonds is that in each piece of beautiful silver jewellery, there is a genuine diamond. With each piece of jewellery, the customer is given a certificate to say it contains a genuine diamond too.  

Twice Hot Diamonds has been Jewellery Brand of the year at The UK Jewellery awards. I feel that this award reflects the outstanding customer service and the  quality of the products.

One of my favourite pieces is this Snowflake pendant. Very pretty don't you think?
Whilst this Plumeria flower pendant is a popular seller.

I personally love the Star Pendant and earrings

Hot Diamonds have kindly given me a beautiful pendant to give away to my blog readers. To enter please follow the rafflecopter steps and I wish you every luck - I am even tempted to enter myself!

Don't forget to come back every day for an extra entry via twitter.

Check out my competitions here and my jewellery posts here

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Website Review PKTMNY - A Bank Account for Children, Using and Learning

I have been given the task to review a new website for children called PKTMNY. PKTMNY is a new way for children 8 to 16 to learn how to earn, save, and spend wisely. 

PKTMNY is supported by a new type of VISA card and has an easy to use secure website that offers a range of savings tools. The website is designed for parents by parents and the interface is engaging and colourful to appeal to children. 

The parent and the child have their own login that they can use to monitor pocket money sent and pocket money received and any transactions, and is easy to use and control. The child can set their own pin and upload a picture to personalise their account.

What I like as a parent about this website is that you can set limits on how much the child spends on the card. It gives you control over their spending but still gives the child the illusion of control as they can spend within the guidelines you set.

As a parent, I feel it can incentivise the child to do certain extra tasks for pocket money which you can pay on top of their regular amount, for example for washing the car or doing well in school.

What did my son think of the site? My son is a 15-year-old teenager, at the top end of the age range they aim at. He liked the colourful nature of the site, however, we both felt it was geared to younger children. A more 'adult' interface or customisable interface was his idea for future improvements, and they are taking this into consideration.

My son used his card on Amazon to buy a gift voucher. He thought it was easy to use and had no problems placing the order on my Amazon account with his PKTMNY card. 

We are using the bank account to save for holiday spending money and we both felt it was nice to see a visual representation of the money as a saving goal on the website.  

As a parent, I think the website can help focus your conversations with your children about money, finances and also importantly the value of saving for a goal. 

PKTMNY charges a one-off joining fee of £5 per family and a monthly fee of £1 per child to use their services. This is deducted from the parent's outstanding balance, not the child's. The PKTMNY team are working on minimising any fees and keeping the costs low to run the account. There are no fees for using the Visa card online to buy products in the UK and no fees for funding the account via standing order. 

In conclusion, a colourful engaging bank account for pre-teens and teenagers that can help them manage and appreciate the value of money. 

Update PKYMNY is now called GoHenry

This post is part of a project with BritMums, sponsored by PKTMNY, highlighting it's launch ( The new tool allows parents to easily pay and monitor their children's pocket money online, whilst allowing their children to earn, save, spend and manage their money in a totally safe and fun way. 

* We have been trialling the service and all thoughts and opinions are our own.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The King of Bags - Website Review

As many of you know, I enter lots of competitions and one day a gorgeous bag caught my eye. I entered to win and held my baited breath...unfortunately, I didn't but it was too late! I was addicted to The King of Bags website. 

What is special about The King Of Bags is that they provide affordable quality bags in a range of styles and colours. 

The King Of Bags sell a range of bags from only £9.99 and have lots of different styles including clutch bags perfect for the party season, satchels, messenger bags, floral bags, plain bags, patterned bags and everything in between. 

This red patent bag they have kindly sent me to review and as you can see its a beautiful colour. The bag can be used with a short handle or there is a shoulder strap as well. The quality of the bag is very good for the price and it's a super winter colour.

What I also like is that for every bag sold they donate 50 pence to The Pink Ribbon Foundation to help fight Breast Cancer so you are supporting a good cause too.

Which bags are my favourites you may ask? This black bag is a great bag for everyday use and its it is very versatile being a decent size and of course black goes with everything.

Gorgeous don't you think?

 Another favourite is this bag with a black heart charm. It has soft fur like material trimming the bag, very swish!

They also have a range of accessories such as scarves, and snoods, and children's gifts such as lunch bags and backpacks decorated with their favourite characters such as Peppa Pig, Tinkerbell, Spiderman and Ben 10.

So if you want an affordable bag as a gift or for yourself why don't you check out their website for yourself, what have you got to lose?

Delivery is free and takes 3- 5 days, however next day delivery is available at an extra charge if ordered before 11am. 

As a special offer for reader of my blog, here is a FAB discount of

15% off

when you enter code


Into the checkout
Valid for one month from the 6/12/2012
Why don't you have a browse now?


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Magic of Christmas

What is Christmas all about? Peace and good will to all men? Charity that starts at home? The time to put everything behind you and come together to celebrate with loved ones?

Christmas makes me think of how lucky I am to have people I love in my life and how grateful I should be as there are others less fortunate than myself. Most of us could do with appreciating the small things in life, so we then appreciate the big things such as health and happiness.

Now that I  work every day in December up until Christmas day, I realise how lucky I am in having any time off. One Christmas a few years ago I spent it at a lovely hotel. It was so nice to have a break, food all cooked for us and time with my son and husband , it is a Christmas I will always remember.

My family spending Christmas together at The Vale Hotel

So this is what the Magic of Christmas is all about for me, being with my family. What is Christmas all about for you?

“This is my entry for the #O2GuruMagicofXmas Linky, sponsored by O2 GuruTV – the home of tech help and inspiration”. 


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Website review PKTMNY - Finances and Family

Do your children manage their pocket money well? Are they always asking for extras, or do you not give pocket money instead giving money for certain incentives such as doing well in school or cleaning their bedroom? Do you lack a structured way of approaching this? How do you manage it?

Well when my son was small we gave pocket money for chores such as tidying his room and extras for doing well in school. Now as he is older he helps out now and again in our shop, washes the car, and is expected to tidy his bedroom and set the table for dinner as well.

I guess when he was young we had a haphazard way of doing it, we had no record of how much he got really and when.  As he has got older I like to think that I have instilled in him that he should think twice abut spending his money and not on random things either. If he wants something expensive and its not his birthday or Christmas he generally saves for it himself, and occasionally if he saves half I will give him the rest. If he doesn't want to come into the shop and do an hours work he doesn't get paid for this but he gets a smaller amount of pocket money. A more structured way of dealing with this is definitely welcome.

Well I have been asked to review a new website called PKTMNY which could be of benefit to thousands of parents and children.  What does this mean? Well I was a little slow, and didn't realise straight away, although everyone else did - it means Pocket Money! 

PKTMNY (now rebranded as Go Henry)  is a new way for children 8 to 16 to learn how to earn, save, and spend wisely. 

Supported by a new type of VISA card PKTMNY is an easy to use secure website that offers a wide range of interactive savings tools. They pride themselves on the website being designed for parents by parents and it certainly is a colourful fun way for children to manage their money.

What I like about this website is that you can set limits on how much the child spends on the card. This enables parents to have some control while still giving the child some freedom. Another thing is that the website is very colourful and appealing to primary children and young teens in particular. 

It allows the parent to set clear ways of earning extra money at home, for example you could pay £1 a week for extra jobs such as clearing away the dishes or cleaning their bedroom.

PKTMNY also gives you an opportunity to sit down with your child and talk about money, how often do we are parents actually do that? I think it can also develop positive attitudes to saving money, a goal can be set and the child has a visual representation of how much they have saved.  

All fees for the website are set out here,and I will let you know more about them in my next blog when I report back on how we get on!

This post is part of a project with BritMums, sponsored by PKTMNY, highlighting it's launch ( The new tool allows parents to easily pay and monitor their children's pocket money online, whilst allowing their children to earn, save, spend and manage their money in a totally safe and fun way. 

* We have been trialling the service and all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Popchips Review -Think Popped Naturally Delicious

The kind people at Popchips sent me some Thai Sweet Chilli potato chips to try the other day. I'm always on the look out for tasty healthier snacks, especially since I started trying to cut back and lose some weight.

What I liked about these snacks is that they pack a mouthful of flavour into every chip. The chips (ok crisps to us British) are very light on the tongue and give a satisfying crunch. They have a mild chilli taste, and I swear I could almost taste a  hint of coconut. They describe them as "an exotic fusion of sweet and spicy".  I would serve these as an accompaniment to a nice Thai green curry and some sweet chilli dipping sauce.

They have been nominated for a number of awards and Shape Magazine have voted it their Best Snack. 

They say that they have found a way of 'popping' a chip that has all the flavour of conventional chips but less fat.  

When compared to regular crisps they have 50 % less fat per 23g serving and less calories too 95 Kcal per 23g ( a serving)  or 412 Kcal per 100g

Popchips are now in Waitrose and a number of other places, such as WHSmith and Harvey Nichols and I would definitely recommend them for a tasty snack that's light on the waistline.

* PR sample 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Charnos -Hosiery Review and Giveaway Ends 11/12/12

Charnos is a name noted for quality in tights and stockings and gorgeous underwear. Established in 1936 their hosiery department makes a range of stunning styles from everyday sheers and tights to coloured opaques and fun fashion wear. The Charnos customer is classy and confident and knows that her legs look good in their brand.

I was given some tights to review for my blog and also some for you lucky people to giveaway!

The first tights I tried on were the classic opaques in 100 denier. These soft tights felt lovely on and covered everything. Ideal to keep your legs warm in winter and for those with legs that need some cover up. I really love these tights!

The next ones I tried were the Elegance ultra sheer hold-ups in 10 denier. Now these are great for dressing up and going out, and would be fab with a black dress for a Christmas party. The are suitably sheer but I was impressed that they didn't snag very easily too. What I also like was that I found the hold ups comfortable and that they also stayed put with Stay4Sure technology.

Elegance tights

And talking of Christmas parties and little black dresses - a fabulous idea is their range of Killer Figure tights. Killer Figure waist cincher tights smooth your waist instantly and flatten your tummy. With a cotton gusset, they are comfortable on whilst given you a nipped in figure.  The Hourglass control tights smooths your hips, tones your thighs and flattens your tum!  I can't wait to try these ones out when I go out for a special meal next.

 Killer Figure opaque tights

Now onto the Sheer Lustre tights in Barely Black. I liked the sheer gloss finish of these tights. I thought they were a lovely pair of special tights to wear in the evening.

You can buy Charnos online through their website and they are also stocked in John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams amongst others, but if you want to try some of the Killer Figure tights be sure to enter my giveaway now. 

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I have been given a selection of Charnos to try but the opinions are entirely my own


Monday, 19 November 2012

Win Prizes With Store Street, Bloomsbury, London

Store Street Bloomsbury is a great area of London that you may not be aware of. But when I say it covers the area around The British Museum and Russell Square you will probably know the area I mean.

It's a great area to visit or shop in and has some great attractions.


The British Museum
The Building Centre
Russell Square
Coram’s Field
The Cartoon Museum
Dickens House
Foundling Museum
October Gallery
The British Library
It's easy to get to by tube or bus and is lovely for a great day out. It is an area of a thriving student community why don't you check the student offers and discounts here.

Well, lovely readers, I have news of an exciting competition for students!


£100 cash
Two wine tasting tickets worth £30 each from Adnams
Lunch or Dinner for two including a bottle of house wine worth up to £50 from Restaurant Olivelli 
Cut and Blow Dry worth £45 from Decadence Hair Salon

Pasta, Pizza or breakfast with a coffee worth up to £30 from Caffe Paradiso

Bike Hire for the day for you and 2 friends from Cloud 9 Cycles

So check out their twitter page @storestreetwc1 for the competition question and be sure to tell all the students you know.
Closing date 16/12/12

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Oriflame By Julie - Review

I have a review to do today as I have been sent products by the lovely Julie. Julie works for Oriflame a Swedish company that sells beauty products, amongst other things.

Oriflame By Julie Facebook Page

Founded in 1967 by two brothers and their friend, Oriflame is now an international beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries worldwide. Oriflame are proud that that have never tested their products on animals and never will.

Customer satifaction is important to Oriflame and. If you are not satisfied for any reason within three months of purchase, Oriflame will exchange the product, or provide a full refund on presentation of proof of purchase.
I was sent two shower gels to review. The first from the Discover Borneo collection was the Tropical Rainforest shower gel. This had a fresh scent and was packaged in a green bottle which was transparent. It lathered well and felt nice on the skin. On special offer at £2.45 I felt it was a reasonable price to pay for a quality product.

The Discover China shower gel was in the Cherry Orchard scent and was more feminine and flowery. Again it lathered well and did the job of getting me clean with gusto! This is on special offer at the moment and is priced at £2.45.

My husband has the task of trying out the North For Men Shaving gel for normal skin with Glide-Tech technology. Again it has a pleasant fresh smell and glided onto the face well. It has a cooling feel on the skin and my husband said it helped him get a close shave.

The last product I was sent to review was the Pure Skin Scrub and Face Wash. This multitasking product works as a scrub and also targets those stubbon spots. It has an exfoliating deep action on the skin and really works. My teenage son J, used it for a couple of days and feels he could already see a difference in his spots, they appeared less red and smaller. I was really impressed with this product and think it is well worth buying for those with problem skin.

If you need to contact Julie you can on her Facebook page or you can email her on

Julie is also happy to send out catalogues in the post for those of you who like to see a hard copy of a catalogue or you can always go to Oriflame GB but order through Julie for the best offers! With Christmas around the corner why don't you email her for a catalogue - what have you got to lose?

* I was sent these products to review but the opinions are my own.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Competition and Great gift ideas Under £50 from RMA Williams Jewellers

Christmas is coming and people are very conscious in this day of getting value for money and watching the pennies.

In our shop RMA Williams Jewellers we have a wide range of jewellery, from engagement and wedding rings, gold jewellery and silver jewellery and a range of prices from children's earrings from £5 to engagement rings up to £5000 and beyond. We stock lots of items in our shop under £50 and have an even greater variety of jewellery than we stock on our website.

Here are some lovely gift ideas under £50 for you and your loved ones from RMA Williams Jewellers. 

Gift Ideas

For a Friend Silver flower necklace and earring set  £40. 

For a Teenager Cupcake earrings by Muru £28
For Christmas Parties Silver solitaire pendant and earring set £36

For a Loved One Giselle earrings by Hot Diamonds £40
For You Drop necklace by Fiorelli £49

For Mum Thomas Sabo pearl bracelet £29.95

For Your Daughter Thomas Sabo silver charm bracelet from £34.95
If you sign up to our newsletter you will also get a code for 10% off your first order! With free delivery and gift wrapping what do you have to lose!

RMA Williams Jewellers
35 John Street
CF36 3AP
01656 786007

Closing date 16/12/2012

For your chance to win one of the items of jewellery above comment via Rafflecopter

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